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We focus on historic properties throughout Georgia, specializing in homes in the Atlanta area and the entire Antebellum Trail stretching from Athens to Macon. We work closely with the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation, and local preservation organizations meaning, we understand and appreciate historic properties' value and significance in the area. 


Whether you're buying or selling, we can connect you to the best local architects, planners, and other valuable resources to work with owners of historic properties.


Selling Historic Properties

Buying and selling historic homes requires a skilled touch and a sense of genuine reverence for the property and its history. That is why you should hire a real estate agent with experience in working with older houses to ensure they're marketing the home appropriately. If buying, then you want an agent who knows what to look for to ensure you're getting a fair price. Our group understands the delicate balance, and we have resources, expert insight, and experience you won't find elsewhere.


Marketing a historic house has different requirements from a modern home. Some people want to know the history of the place they're buying, while a salacious past might turn others off. It all comes down to the house in question and the target audience. The right realtor will know how to strategize and sell your property for maximum profit. 

The realtor in question needs to be sensitive to the house's background and the buyer's needs, either by incorporating the story into the marketing plan or making it available upon request. Some buyers will appreciate the original facets of the house, things like the original moldings and turrets, while these characteristics might repel other buyers. 


Historic houses often stay on the market longer than new construction because they require more maintenance and might adhere to strict regulations and preservation guidelines. Since our team works closely with the Georgia Trust, we know the rules and can assist in determining the value of your home faster than other local agents. 


While most people value these properties for their austerity and rich history, some will be dissuaded by historical designations that limit renovations and remodeling plans. We can help you make the best decision for your lifestyle and goals.


Bottom line: realtors with experience buying and selling historic properties are capable of setting you up for success by recognizing each individual's specific needs and tailoring a marketing plan to them.


Considering Buying a Historic Home?

Historic properties are gorgeous links to the past, to a time when every detail was applied with focus and love. There are many stunning properties like this in Georgia, along the Antebellum Trail and near Atlanta in particular. Before you buy a historic home, keep in mind these pointers.


Since historic homes are old, their age can create potential problems for new owners. Your new house will likely require regular maintenance and upkeep. That is why it's essential to get a good home inspection before you purchase, which our group can assist you with during the process.


As mentioned, historic houses sometimes have certain restrictions and regulations to preserve the integrity of the structure. You might be limited in the ways you can remodel or renovate the property. 


We are part of the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation, meaning we understand and appreciate historic properties' value and significance in the area. Our agents have access to a diverse pool of resources dedicated to preserving these charming homes and recognizing the cultural benefits of maintaining them.


Our team will help with the valuation and marketing of any historic property. Contact us today to begin the process and learn more about what we offer.

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