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Estate, Equestrian, and Rural Farm Properties

Our group works with buyers who are looking to buy or sell rural and estate properties throughout the area. We specialize in large estates, legacy properties, rural farmland, and working farms. When you hire our team, you will receive access to a list of conservation resources that assist with the unique circumstances that are often part of farm and estate transactions.


Georgia boasts a diverse landscape that covers the Appalachian Mountains to the beaches of its Atlantic coastline. Boasting more than 100 wildlife management areas and over one million acres of hunting lands, Georgia ranks eighth in the country for the combined amount of land available for sale. 


Purchasing rural real estate, farmland, and equestrian property is accessible in Georgia and makes up a significant chunk of the state's real estate industry. Whether you're a farmer, angler, or just an outdoor enthusiast, you'll find numerous options for irrigation, timber, livestock, and row crop usage.

Guide to Georgia Farmland

Before you start your search for farmland or rural property, there are a few things to consider to ensure we can narrow your search and streamline the process.


  • Budget –– It's essential to establish your budget beforehand to get pre-approved and comfortably understand your limitations when searching for the right plot of land or estate.
  • Search criteria –– Visualize your dream home or farm. Are you looking for an area with rolling hills and pastures? Would you like to settle your farm somewhere near water? Do you want your farm to have a combination of elements? Knowing your wants and "must-haves" will help us assist you in finding the right fit.
  • Raising animals & growing crops –– Because of how integral agriculture is to Georgia's economy, much of the land is reasonably priced with a long growing season and favorable climate, contributing to a habitable environment for livestock and growing crops.

Equestrian Properties

Purchasing an equestrian property is unique to the real estate industry, which is why it's best to work with a team like ours, that has experience dealing with horse properties. 


Finding the right Georgia horse ranch is dependent on several factors, like the type of riding discipline you plan to accommodate, the local community, location, accessibility, acreage, pastures, water supply, storage, and structure.

  • Location –– Before you buy, it's important to assess the site and community. The right equestrian property is zoned for horses with equestrian-friendly neighborhoods and likely proximity to training facilities, supply stores, vets, and other amenities. 
  • Acreage –– Owning horses means ensuring you have enough acreage for each animal and sufficient pastures. It's also ideal to know what kind of soils are in the area because this can impact grass quality on the fields.
  • Water Supply –– Horses drink several gallons of water a day, so knowing the guidelines and regulations about water features, waterways, well and septic systems, and proper drainage is crucial.


  • Structures & Storage –– Equestrian properties are different from other real estate properties in that they need specific additions and structural stability to take care of the horses. Consider how tack rooms, parking areas for trailers, area maintenance equipment, shade and shelter, stables, and barns will fit on the property.
  • Zoning –– Equestrian property owners will need to know Georgia's local zoning laws and ordinances.


Our team will help with the valuation and marketing of estate, equestrian, and rural farm property. Contact us today to begin the process and learn more about what services we offer.



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